What you will get

  • Learn to write the application that will get you to your dream job or away from the job that is no good for you
  • Tips and mechanisms that will lead you to the interview granting you access to the job
  • Unique hands-on tools developed by HR consultant
  • Your own worksheets to work with in your personal jobseeking process
  • Great knowledge about jobsearch and what works
  • Support in moving on

What you will learn

  • To decode the job ad giving the business the requested competencies
  • To structure your application
  • To show an interest meeting the business
  • To write catchy headlines and endings to remember
  • To speak and decode the language and writing of the business
  • To create coherence and being the professional sender
  • To write the systematic CV
  • To be familiar with the ultimate tool in your job seeking process



I have created this course for you so that you can learn to write applications leading to a job interview.

I have worked with job seekers for six years. I har done research in what works and what doesn’t work. This is what you are getting.

I, myself, have been actively jobseeking three times – but never more than 1 1/2 months each time. The first time, I got a job through network. twice i got a job based on applications that I wrote. but most importantly, I have been in the same position as you are now!

And I have been writing really many applications – both for myself and for jobseekers. Applications that have led directly to the interview.

Do you want to join me?

-Best Wishes
Anne Mette Wennerwald, Career Coach


How is this course better than other similar job seeking courses?

You will be led through DO’s and DON’Ts using simple tools developed by HR consultant Anne Mette Wennerwald. Therefore, you will get the HR perspective learning how to write applications the receiver wants to read

How much time do I have to spend on this course?

The entire course lasts about two hours, but I will recommend you to watch it several times and use the works sheets to get the most out of it

How do I get access to the modules?

Follow this link here and write COURSE in the comments field. Then you will be contacted. When you have transferred the amount you will get the link with access to videos and worksheet. Hereafter, the course is yours and you can watch it as many times as you wish

Does online teaching work? Don’t we have to meet for real in order to get the full outcome?

This course is easy and manageable with examples and repetition with tips and tricks I have used for may years when writing applications

Can you guarantee that I will be able to write applications leading to an interview when I have completed this course?

Yes, if you spend enough time both on the course and the worksheets you will become a master in writing applications

Why is Anne Mette Wennerwald the best teacher in writing applications?

Anne Mette Wennerwald is HR consultant and she has been out of a job three times – though never for a longer period than 1 1/2 months. Furthermore, she herself writes applications for job seekers leading to interviews. This makes her an active player on the job market

What will I expect when this course is completed?

You will expect a shorter period without a job – in some cases an entire year

How to get this course

Order this course by writing COURSE in the comments field. This course has a value of DKK 400,-



  • Anne Mette is really good in her teaching – there are many a-ha experiences. I lacked concrete tools matching me with job ads. That I have certainly got. what she says makes sense for me in my further job seeking process Ditte L. Knudsen 
  • It has been great to get the harsh and aggressive tone from the jobcenter punctured. Once again, I am looking forward writing applications with the new tools from Anne Mette Ida Foxvig
  • I have been inpired from this course and I can see that I have a great deal to correct in my CV and in my application. There were also good examples. Definitely, a good experience  Sebina Ankerstjerne
  • Excellent concrete walk through of how to write applications Pia Lindholm

Other comments of this course

  • Excellent and clear rules and tools. If it works, there really ARE many a-ha experiences in this course. I got all the other pieces of advice filtred out
  • This course is really good. I think, I have got some really useful tools. Great, that you are so professional and know what it takes
  • Exciting course with lots of inspiration
  • Super excellent course, motivating and in depth
  • Good course getting you in the right direction
  • Challenging course and I will try it out ASAP
  • Very relevant – things get turned upside down
  • Really good course – I got new tools and ideas to create better applications
  • My methods got challenged – that is good. I am going straight home to write applications NOW!! AND I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO IT

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